Introduction of


Bishop Gabriel Syoji Igarashi

Nippon SEI-KO-KAI - The Diocese of Kyushu

The Nippon SEI-KO-KAI is The Anglican Christian church of Japan. Member churches of the worldwide Anglican Communion. have different names in different countries. in England. for example. it is called the Church of England. and in America it is called the Episcopal Church.
A literal translation of the name Nippon SEI-KO-KAI is the Holy Catholic Church of Japan. It was originally evangelized in 1859 by an Episcopal missionary, the Rt. Rev. C. M. Williams. Since then it has spread throughout Japan. We consider it a bridge church between the Roman Catholic Church and other Protestant churches because it contains both catholic and evangelical elements.
The Nippon SEI-KO-KAI is organized into 11 dioceses, Hokkaido, Touhoku, North Kantou, Tokyo, Yokohama, Chubu, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Kyushu and Okinawa.
The church sponsors Rikkyo University, St. Luke's College of Nursing and Momoyama Gakuin University as well as other schools at various levels. St. Luke's International Hospital in Tokyo and St. Barnabas' Hospital in Osaka are also sponsored by the Nippon SEI-KO-KAI. There are about 300 other institutions, such as kindergartens, senior citizens' homes and nurseries, throughout Japan.

Kyushu Diocesan Statistics

Parish Churches: 19
Mission Churches: 3
Other: 1 (not yet organized as a parish or mission)

Clerical Ministries

Priests: 20
Deacons: 3
Clergy Candidates: 4
There are 2,256 baptized laypeople of whom 1,180 ware regular communicants (as of Dec. 31, 1995)