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A pioneer in the Treatment of Hansen's Disease

Miss Hannah Riddell

Miss Hannah Riddell was born in London, England on October 17, 1855. In 1889, at the age of 34, she came to Japan as a missionary, sponsored by CMS(the Church Missionary Society). At first, she taught English at High School #5 in Kumamoto City. Later, she received a calling which led to her life's work as a medical missionary to the victims of Hansen's disease. She opened the Kumamoto Hospital of The Resurrection of Hope id 1895. Miss Hannah Ridell died at age 78 on the 3rd. of February, 1932.

A loving mother to the patients with Hansen's disease

Miss Ada Hannah Wright

Miss Ada Wright was also born in London, but on February I 3 , 1860. She came to Japan as a missionary in 1886 and became the right hand person of her aunt, Hannah Riddell. She spent World War Two in Australia, but returned to Kumamoto after the war. She died at age 80 on February 26, 1950.
Photo of Museum

The Memorial Museum of
Miss Hannah Riddell & Miss Ada Hannah Wright

The Memorial Museum was originally a one-story building, built in 1918 as a research institute for Hansen's disease.

At the beginning of the Showa period, a second story was added as an apartment for Miss Wright. During wartime it was damaged and after the war it was used as a management office for the Riddell & Wright Old People's Home, a social welfare corporation which succeeded an older building called Tatsuta Ryo.

The existing building was donated to Kumamoto City on October 19,1994 by the above Home. Artifacts detailing the life and work of these two corrageous women have been collected and put on display there.

Kumamoto City opened the restored building on February 3, 1996 and renamed it the Riddell & Wright Memorial Museum. It is a tribute to these two pioneers in dealing with the realities of Hanses's disease and its victims.

The museum is run with the cooperation of the Ridell & Wright Exhibition.

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