M10 (NGC6254) Oph Globular cluster

Date: 1998.05.04 01:50
Observing site: Kujyu
Codition: 4, 4, 4
Telescope: 32cm Dob
Eyepiece: XL14
110x FOV: 0.6

This is a bright, large globular cluster. It is resolved well to the center. The stars are evenly distributed except three bright stars at the edge. It has smooth brightening toward the center. With a careful look there is a close double in the south toward which a line of stars extends.

M10 (NGC6254) Oph Globular cluster

Date: 2007.08.17 23:23
Observing site: Makinoto
Codition: 3, 3, 3
Telescope: 78mm refractor
Eyepiece: RA10
60x FOV: 1.0

This is a fairly bright and large globular cluster with a round condensation of light. Compared with M12 lying east, M10 is roughly of a similar size but brighter. It has a clearer condensation and smoother surface. The sky conditions are not perfect because of its location low in the sky.