Visual Observation of Deep-Sky Objects


This web site introduces sketches of deep-sky objects such as nebulae and star clusters.
This is an English version of my Japanese homepage, which was translated with a friend's assistance.

To view the objects you wish to see, click the catalogue numbers of the objects in the Index Section below.

These sketches were made by white pencil and poster color on black drawing paper.
The north is at the top of the sketch.
The equipment used for drawing includes a 32cm Dobsonian, a 50cm Dobsonian, and 10x42 and 78mm refracter.

My name is Kiminori Ikebe. I live in Kyushu, the southern-most main island of Japan.
As Japan is not the most favorable place to watch the stars, I often have to move around looking for dark observing sites.
Your comments on my sketches are welcome, but I may not be able to reply quickly as I am not quite confident in English.
e-Maill :

Translation was done by Mr. Eiji Kato. Mr. Kato is observing in Australia and has a web site for his superb drawings.
His web address is:

StellaNavigator for Windows95/AstroArts Inc./ASCII Corp.

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Index Section

48Ori, AGC194,

B33, B72, B86, BetaLyr, BetaMon,

C1995O1, C1996B2, C1996Q1, C2000WM1, C2001A2, C2001Q4, C2001RX14, C2002C1, C2002T7,
C2002V1, C2004Q2, C17P, C21P, C73P,

Ced90, Col70, Cr21, Cr399, H12,

HCG7, HCG10, HCG16, HCG21, HCG22, HCG25, HCG40, HCG41, HCG42, HCG44, HCG48, HCG51,
HCG53, HCG56, HCG57, HCG61, HCG62, HCG68,HCG79, HCG88, HCG90, HCG92, HCG93,

IC63, IC289, IC342, IC410, IC418, IC443, IC1029, IC1295, IC1318, IC1470, IC1805, IC1848, IC2162,
IC2391, IC2602, IC4329, IC4406, IC4637, IC4665, IC4756, IC4996, IC5146,


M1 , M2 , M3 , M4 , M5 , M6 , M7 , M8 , M9 , M10, M11, M12, M13, M14, M15, M16, M17, M18, M19, M20
M21, M22, M23, M24, M25, M26, M27, M28, M29, M30, M31, M32, M33, M34, M35, M36, M37, M38, M39, M40,
M41, M42, M43, M44, M45, M46, M47, M48, M49, M50, M51, M52, M53, M54, M55, M56, M57, M58, M59, M60
M61, M62, M63, M64, M65, M66, M67, M68, M69, M70, M71, M72, M73, M74, M75, M76, M77, M78, M79, M80
M81, M82, M83, M84, M85, M86, M87, M88, M89, M90, M91, M92, M93, M94, M95, M96, M97, M98, M99, M100
M101, M102, M103, M104, M105, M106, M107, M108, M109

Mel111, Mel20, Mel25, Mel71,

N0001, N0040, N0055, N0068, N0080, N0103, N0128, N0129, N0133, N0134, N0147, N0150, N0157, N0160,
N0185, N0188, N0194, N0196, N0246, N0247, N0253, N0275, N0278, N0281, N0288, N0300, N0315, N0337,
N0345, N0383, N0404, N0457, N0470, N0507, N0520, N0521, N0536, N0541, N0559, N0584, N0613, N0637, N0654,
N0663, N0672, N0680, N0705, N0741, N0752, N0772, N0777, N0779, N0833, N0864, N0869, N0890, N0891,
N0895, N0908, N0936, N0957, N0986, N0988, N1023, N1027, N1035, N1049, N1055, N1057, N1073, N1087,
N1097, N1144, N1187, N1245, N1253, N1275, N1300, N1326, N1333, N1337, N1342, N1357, N1359, N1360,
N1365, N1380, N1385, N1444, N1491, N1499, N1501, N1502, N1507, N1513, N1514, N1528, N1532, N1535,
N1545, N1579, N1582, N1622, N1624, N1637, N1647, N1720, N1744, N1746, N1788, N1792, N1807, N1808,
N1850, N1851, N1857, N1888, N1907, N1931, N1973, N1999, N2017, N2023, N2024, N2070, N2112, N2129,
N2141, N2149, N2158, N2169, N2174, N2185, N2188, N2192, N2194, N2207, N2237, N2261, N2264, N2266,
N2281, N2282, N2300, N2301, N2324, N2336, N2343, N2344, N2353, N2355, N2359, N2360, N2362, N2366,
N2371, N2383, N2392, N2403, N2419, N2420, N2439, N2440, N2442, N2451, N2477, N2489, N2516, N2539,
N2546, N2551, N2610, N2613, N2626, N2629, N2646, N2672, N2683, N2768, N2771, N2775, N2787, N2798,
N2805, N2808, N2818, N2832, N2841, N2903, N2964, N2976, N2986, N2992, N2997, N3044, N3066, N3077,
N3079, N3091, N3100, N3109, N3114, N3115, N3132, N3158, N3162, N3166, N3184, N3190, N3198, N3226,
N3242, N3254, N3271, N3293, N3301, N3312, N3319, N3344, N3347, N3359, N3372, N3377, N3395, N3412,
N3430, N3432, N3445, N3448, N3489, N3495, N3504, N3507, N3511, N3521, N3532, N3583, N3585, N3607,
N3613, N3621, N3628, N3631, N3636, N3640, N3646, N3674, N3675, N3686, N3690, N3717, N3718, N3732,
N3756, N3769, N3788, N3861, N3877, N3893, N3894, N3898, N3923, N3941, N3945, N3953, N3981, N3982,
N3995, N4026, N4027, N4036, N4038, N4045, N4051, N4073, N4088, N4105, N4111, N4123, N4147, N4151,
N4157, N4169, N4178, N4214, N4216, N4217, N4233, N4236, N4244, N4256, N4261, N4274, N4281, N4294,
N4298, N4305, N4319, N4342, N4350, N4361, N4365, N4389, N4395, N4435, N4440, N4442, N4449, N4450,
N4460, N4490, N4494, N4496, N4526, N4536, N4559, N4565, N4567, N4618, N4631, N4636, N4654, N4656,
N4666, N4696, N4725, N4755, N4762, N4781, N4783, N4793, N4845, N4889, N4914, N4945, N5005, N5033,
N5044, N5053, N5061, N5088, N5112, N5128, N5139, N5150, N5170, N5247, N5253, N5308, N5322, N5353,
N5363, N5367, N5371, N5376, N5383, N5395, N5427, N5430, N5444, N5466, N5474, N5566, N5576, N5614,
N5634, N5676, N5689, N5746, N5754, N5775, N5846, N5897, N5898, N5907, N5908, N5915, N5953, N5985,
N6026, N6027, N6040, N6072, N6124, N6144, N6166, N6192, N6207, N6210, N6217, N6231, N6242, N6268,
N6281, N6286, N6293, N6302, N6307, N6309, N6334, N6337, N6342, N6357, N6366, N6369, N6397, N6440,
N6441, N6445, N6451, N6453, N6503, N6528, N6543, N6563, N6565, N6572, N6595, N6603, N6633, N6712,
N6726, N6744, N6751, N6756, N6772, N6781, N6800, N6802, N6804, N6818, N6822, N6826, N6857, N6876,
N6885, N6888, N6894, N6905, N6907, N6910, N6934, N6939, N6940, N6946, N6962, N6978, N6995, N6997,
N7000, N7006, N7008, N7009, N7023, N7026, N7027, N7133, N7160, N7174, N7184, N7209, N7217, N7243,
N7293, N7331, N7332, N7354, N7380, N7386, N7410, N7463, N7479, N7499, N7538, N7541, N7547, N7552,
N7582, N7626, N7635, N7640, N7662, N7686, N7694, N7714, N7741, N7753, N7769, N7782, N7788, N7789,
N7793, N7814,

PK104-29.4Jonse1, PK164+31.1, PK198-6.1, PK205+14.1, PK283+34.1abell33

Sh2-54, Sh2-112, Sh2-155, Sh2-157, Sh2-301, Sh2-311,

Stock23, Steph1, Struve1659, Tr1, U3714, Beta Lyr, Beta Mon, Polaris, vdB93,